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The Mass Nerder Podcast

Every week join hosts Cole, Ally Ben & Cubby as they discuss topical events in fictitious worlds.

Apr 24, 2019

Episode 112: Are you ready!? We’re not ready. It’s time for MASS NERDER’S AVENGERS: END GAME PRE-SHOW! The whole gang Assembles to recap the week’s nerdly-est news then shares their predictions, dreams,  and fears on what may be in store for Cap, Tony, Black Widow and ALL of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” - PLUS!! As if that wasn’t enough, Ben interviews the always hilarious comedian and creator, Ally Beardsley of College Humor to discuss PARANOIA! A new cannabis-themed game show debuting on! At Mass Nerder, we’ll do “Whatever it takes” to entertain you.