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The Mass Nerder Podcast

Every week join hosts Cole, Ally Ben & Cubby as they discuss topical events in fictitious worlds.

Jan 30, 2019

It’s our Spider-Man themed 100th episode extravaganza! Renowned comic artist Micheal Walsh ( Jughead: The Hunger, Hawkeye ) joins Ally, Ben, Cubby & Cole to discuss his love of comics, movies, and video games. We also discuss his work on Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Wars: The Last Jedi adaptation, we get an update of the film adaptation of his graphic novel Comeback, and touch a little on what he has planned next for that universe. Jake Reimer of Voltang also joins in the fun to discuss what he’s been playing on his new Twitch show, “Press X to get High” All this and more, on MASS NERDER’S 100th episode!!!